Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Three Month Training Cycle

Just as it’s important to alternate workout sessions with rest in each training week, your bigger-picture training schedule also involves phases of intensity versus phases of recovery.

When I set up a training plan for a client, the three main factors I customize are:
  • Training volume
  • Training frequency
  • Training intensity

    By manipulating the levels of these factors, we individualize your training to suit your long-term fitness goals (and your present lifestyle and schedule).

    At the same time, I follow a general pattern when training clients, based on a formula that I’ve found builds long-term, lasting results.

    Ideally, your training should progress from high volume and low intensity (in other words, frequent workouts on the easier side) to high intensity and low volume (less workouts with higher intensities) over a period of two to three weeks.

    Then, we drastically drop off your overall effort level for a crucial recovery week, allowing muscle mass to thoroughly rebuild (we touched on this in last week’s blog), before beginning the progression all over again, with renewed focus.

    This general cycle repeats each month, making premium conditioning and sports readiness possible over just a three-month period.

    Lark Miller
    phone: 415.250.5236
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